Cédric Allin and Thibaut Desseignes
Bieropolis: Paving the way for craft beer in France

A passion for craft beer led SKEMA alumni Cédric Allin and Thibaut Desseignes (2017 batch) to start Bieropolis, an internet platform dedicated entirely to selling beers from microbreweries. Read about their journey here.

Cyber Security
Episode 5 – GYLP: Israel – The Cyber Hub

It’s no coincidence that Israel has become a Cyber world power. During a “learning by doing” expedition, we have built our knowledge and our understanding of Israel’s unique situation. Discover how and why Israel has developed its cyber capabilities.

Green Tech Ecosystem
Episode 3 – GYLP: Green Tech Ecosystem in Israel

According to the Global Green Economy Index (“CGE”) published in 2016, Israel was ranked fourth among green tech return on investment performance of its startups. How has this been possible?

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