Bringing Ideas Together challenge: obtain support for your startup idea

Bring Entrepreneurs Together is organizing the Bringing Ideas Together challenge on November 28 between Portugal and France, in partnership with Amazon Web Services. The event’s objective is to help student entrepreneurs define a business model from the scratch, get the necessary support from experienced mentors, and make their first business pitch.

Chali-Shian-conflict marketing
SKEMA China students attend a lecture on ‘conflict marketing’

On October 20, students at SKEMA’s Suzhou campus in China got the opportunity to attend a great seminar on “Conflict Marketing for Entrepreneurial Innovation” by professor Shian Ding, dean of Ye Maozhong Conflict School of Business! Hua Lin, the academic director of SKEMA Suzhou, made the opening remarks to start off the seminar, followed by […]

Nicolas Servel - MOOC
MOOC: How to increase your chances of success, thanks to investors

Irrespective of their type, all investors prefer to see the same elements to get a certain level of comfort before investing in an early-stage startup. In this MOOC, Nicolas Servel explains the different types of financing options available to entrepreneurs and how they can attract the right investors.

Trois questions à Epopey, incubé à la Venture Factory

Epopey, une jeune start-up sportive fondée par deux diplômés de SKEMA, mène une initiative intéressante pour soutenir les bars et restaurants sportifs impactés par COVID-19. En collaboration avec l’initiative solidaire de Sauver Mon Bar, les fondateurs ont conçu des maillots spéciaux et reversent 100% des bénéfices au bar choisi par l’acheteur. Lisez cette interview pour plus de détails.

Challenge Jeunes Pousses 2020 contest
Participate in Challenge Jeunes Pousses 2020 contest

Telecom Valley is conducting the 18th edition of the Challenge Jeunes Pousses student entrepreneurial contest on January 23 at 5pm in Nice. It is a company creation contest that is open to students from the bachelors, masters and PhD programmes. Read the article for more details.

Trophée Elles Créent contest
Trophée Elles Créent: Promoting women’s entrepreneurship

Reports have revealed that the number of businesses created or taken over by women remains quite low. To remedy this and promote women entrepreneurship, the Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises (FCE) Grand Lille association is conducting a competition – Trophee Elles Creent en Hauts de France. Read the article for details.

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