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Deloitte Insights report: Optimize your marketing strategy

Mastering major marketing trends is essential for you to support your business development. Deloitte has published a report describing various ways through which you can implement and achieve a better marketing strategy.

Some of the key points are as follows:

Brands that commit to purpose (rather than only the traditional price/quality ratio), and integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion, are gaining a competitive advantage and winning future customers.

Consumers are more loyal to brands that commit to addressing social inequities in their actions.

As the consumer population diversifies — by race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, or differences in ability, for example — it is imperative for brands to authentically reflect a range of backgrounds and experiences within their messaging, if they expect to effectively connect with future customers.

Diversity at workplace

Organizations’ marketers must design more agile team structures and rethink external relationships, such as influencer strategies, to capture the most important customer insights and meet customers in the moments that matter.

Another challenge is that people are increasingly rebelling against the idea of brands following their every move through cookies. The result is that marketers who focus on developing first-party data for their brands can create more opportunities to reach those customers by cultivating unique data insights and long-term measurement. One way to do this is by offering value in exchange for data.

Brands and data

Now that brands seem more adept at digital delivery, the next challenge is to deliver the best of integrated physical and digital, or hybrid, experiences and enable choice through greater personalization. One way of achieving this goal is by optimizing artificial intelligence (AI) within the customer experience — achieving harmony between human tasks and machine capabilities.

For more details, download the complete report.

Franck Arnold

Franck Arnold is the Manager of the Venture Factory at SKEMA’s Sophia Antipolis campus in France. He is the Head of Financial Engineering at SKEMA Ventures and teaches management and business strategy at SKEMA Business School. As the Director of Tonic Incubation in Lille from 2006 to 2020, he managed the incubator and facilitated the setting up of partnerships, relations with investors, and training of student-entrepreneurs, among other activities.

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