Stimulate Ideation of Impact Projects
Unleash your creative potential. Our AI-driven environment nurtures your ideas, providing insights and inspiration to foster innovative impact projects.

Compensate for Limited Resources
We fill the gaps in competitive and technological intelligence. Our AI tools provide deep insights, leveling the playing field for entrepreneurs who may lack these resources.


Whether you’re in the initial brainstorming phase, looking for advice or in the process of creating pitched Business Plan, Imaginarium adapts to serve you best. Each mode has distinct AI agents with specific roles and personalities to ensure a tailored and engaging user experience.​


Engage in an brainstorming conversation with Leon, perfect for sparking ideas, gaining insights, or simply indulging your curiosity.​

Key Features
Adaptive Dialogue
Contextual Understanding​
User Profile Insights

Collaborate with AI-driven agents to co-create and refine compositions that meet your specific requirements.​

Key Features
Iterative Refinement​
Specialized AI Agents​
Interconnected Compositions​
Context Preservation

Replace the 14 slides of SKEMA Ventures‘ business plan pitch with a Topic Mode Composition in the IMAGINARIUM Plateform. This tool will be your ultimate companion for the ideation of your entrepreneurial project.

Dive into a realm where AI-driven agents collaborate to craft and refine specific compositions tailored to your needs. From drafting vision and mission statements to charting out detailed business plans, the AI-driven agents will assist entrepreneurs and business leaders in crafting strategies that are both data-driven and emotionally resonant.

Interactive Questioning : Once a composition type is selected, the bot initiates a series of questions tailored to that specific topic.

Iterative Refinement : Continuous evolution of your composition based on feedback and AI insights.

Specialized AI Agents : Meet Leon, the Startup Coach, the Thoughtful Composer, the Critical Reviewer, and more. Each agent brings a unique perspective and expertise to the table.

Interconnected Compositions : Ensure consistency and alignment across all sections of your business plan.

Cognitive Design Principles : Beyond mere data, our agents employ cognitive design to address the essence of your content.

Use Case :

Perfect for drafting detailed documents like business plans, where structured feedback and iterative refinement are essential.

In Imaginarium Platform, each agent’s “knowledge” and “reflexion” are not just based on raw data but are shaped by the distilled wisdom and best practices of experts in the respective fields. This ensures that the guidance and output provided by these agents are not just accurate but also resonate with the quality and depth one would expect from top professionals in the industry.

Download the result of your Personalized Interaction:

Fully harness the power of the Imaginarium platform by downloading the result of your Personalized Interaction in PDF format.

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