The Venture Family Community Service
The Venture Family Community Service

SKEMA Ventures offers unique support to SKEMA entrepreneurs: The Venture Family peer-to-peer community service. Each student-entrepreneur can seek the assistance of expert students (student-coaches) selected by the SKEMA Ventures community. If you’re seeking or looking to provide assistance to an entrepreneurial project, read this article for details.

SKEMA Social Ventures Lab
SKEMA Social Ventures Lab launched at all SKEMA campuses

To foster the development of social entrepreneurship through applied research, SKEMA Business School launched the SKEMA Social Ventures Lab on October 24. It will be present at all SKEMA campuses and will facilitate social entrepreneurship education through various online and offline resources. Read for details.

SKEMA Ventures Awards for entrepreneurial projects
SKEMA Ventures Awards for promising startup projects

To reward the most promising SKEMA Ventures-incubated projects based on innovation, societal and environmental impact, scalability, as well as the engagement of the project holders within the Venture Family, SKEMA Ventures Awards has been launched. Read the article for details about the criteria for participation, prize money, and more.

Cultures en Ville-l'agriculture urbaine
Un alumni de SKEMA pionnier de l’agriculture urbaine en France

Cultures en Ville est une société de développement de l’agriculture urbaine disposant de références significatives et un partenariat avec l’INRA. Grâce à Clément Lebellé (SKEMA Alumni FMI 2015), et son équipe, il est désormais possible de cultiver en plein centre de Paris.

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