SKEMA Ventures has collaborated with the Enactus association of SKEMA, which is involved in social and ethical entrepreneurship, to provide students access to an innovative online platform – the Enactus Academy.

Through the Enactus Academy, student entrepreneurs can find inspiration, test their idea, formalize their entrepreneurial project, and create and grow it, among other things.


Enactus Academy comprises seven main sections to assist you in the various stages of your entrepreneurial journey:

  1. Inspiration
  2. Trouver son idée (find your idea)
  3. Expérimenter son idée (experimenting with your idea)
  4. Formaliser son projet (formalize your project)
  5. Créer et développer son activité (create and grow your business)
  6. Constituer et animer son équipe (constitute and animate your team)
  7. S’inscrire dans la démarche enactus (join the enactus initiative)

All these sections are divided into different sub-categories.

Enactus Academy

Though the academy’s content is in French, it can be translated to English and other languages through a browser extension such as Google Translate.

Click here to access the Enactus Academy.

Social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is an essential part of SKEMA Ventures. Through its collaboration with Enactus, SKEMA Ventures highlights the social projects students are working on and provides them with necessary guidance.

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