Bootstrap Raleigh workshop: strengthen your startup project

To help student entrepreneurs at our Raleigh campus strengthen their business idea, SKEMA Ventures is organizing a three-day Bootstrap workshop from October 25 to 27. Read this article for more details and to register.

Startup Kafe Raleigh: students pitch diverse business ideas

On September 20, SKEMA Ventures and the SKEMA Ventures Club at SKEMA’s Raleigh campus hit a home run with the 2022 fall semester’s Startup Kafe event. The phrase “Just do it” echoed through the room, resonating with over 90 attendees. Read this article to find out more about the innovative startup ideas pitched by our students.

Hybrid Bootstrap workshop for USA and Brazil campus students

To help student-entrepreneurs at our Raleigh and Belo Horizonte campuses strengthen their business idea, SKEMA Ventures is organizing a four-day hybrid Bootstrap-Americas workshop from April 12 to 15. Read this article for more details and register.

SKEMA Raleigh - International Challenge Mini-Workshop
First International Challenge Mini-Workshop at SKEMA Raleigh

To help SKEMA’s student entrepreneurs develop their problem-solving skills, SKEMA Ventures had organised a one and a half hour mini-workshop session in a hybrid format on November 9. SKEMA Raleigh students and guest entrepreneurs, and the students from our Brazil (Belo Horizonte) and France (Lille, Paris) campuses, participated in the workshop. Read this article for details.

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