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Bootstrap Raleigh workshop: students strengthen their business plan

SKEMA Ventures Raleigh held the Bootstrap workshop for the fall semester in November with successful outcomes for all the stakeholders – students, judges, and SKEMA Ventures itself.

Nine student teams comprising Faustin Magnin​, Mehdi Makhlouki​, Peter Gierczak​, Alisa Dineva, Youssef Kooli​, Caroline Le​, Dyvik Gowda​, François Osemont​, and Manikandan Singaravelu worked diligently during the three days of the Bootstrap to refine their business concept into a cohesive business model that could sustain and scale their enterprise.

SKEMA Ventures Bootstrap Raleigh workshop-Fall 2019

Through a series of lectures by SKEMA Ventures director Philippe Chereau, they identified and filled the gaps in their business plans. Often, they conducted further research to gather facts to affirm their opinions and data to support their market assumptions. Guest entrepreneur speakers Cam Lilly of Brandcam and Jared Plummer of TwoRoosters Ice Cream shared success stories and lessons learned, providing the students with practical insights and advice from their own entrepreneurial journeys.

With a series of quick “elevator pitches”, followed by individual coaching sessions from Philippe Chereau and SKEMA Ventures US manager Mitchell Weisberg, the students honed their presentations in preparation for the final “shark-tank” presentations before a panel of six professional investors and local entrepreneurs. The final pitches were given at our local partner HQ Raleigh in their new Gateway location in parallel sessions.

SKEMA Ventures Bootstrap Raleigh workshop-Fall 2019

“The feedback I received has been extremely helpful for my startup RunPal. I’m looking forward to working with the SKEMA Ventures team to take it forward,” said Faustin Magnin, one of the participants.

The closing remarks by the panel members affirmed the excellence of the student entrepreneurs’ work and the quality of SKEMA Ventures’ entrepreneurial program. We wish the presenters all the success in their businesses and look forward to welcoming the next group of SKEMA entrepreneurs who will join the cohort of startups “made in SKEMA Ventures” at the Bootstrap workshop in Raleigh next semester.

Video: Previous edition of Bootstrap

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