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HackAtech marathon Lille: Shake science, shape innovation

The Inria Lille – Nord Europe centre is organizing from March 5 to 7 the first hackAtech, an innovation marathon in digital sciences, to stimulate new startup projects by Inria around technologies and expertise.

What is hackAtech?

The hackAtech Inria is a new event format that allows you to boost your deep tech startup project. Its first edition is being held in Lille. A mix between a technological hackathon and a startup weekend, this event aims to bring together 150 participants during a 54-hour sprint to work on the technological and business viability of the selected projects.


HackAtech offers you the opportunity to use Inria’s technologies and expertise to create your project. The marathon will take place in three steps:

STEP 1: Ideation workshops

  • Ideation sessions around Inria technologies
  • Workshops/focus groups with companies from the region to identify business issues
  • Presentation evening of the projects to start building teams upstream of the 54-hour sprint


  • Acculturate future participants in technologies and their uses
  • Identify carriers and interesting profiles to participate in hackAtech
  • Pre-constitute teams

STEP 2: Sprint

  • 150 participants
  • 20 teams of 6 to 8 people
  • 54 hours of final sprint

This will take place from March 5-7.


  • Demonstrate technical feasibility
  • Make the first market validations

STEP 3: Support

Inria Startup Studio will support the projects that emerge during the preparatory events and have been consolidated during the 54-hour sprint. Support will be provided to structure the project and access the local programs.

The last date to submit a project has been extended from January 30 to February 6. You can register as a participant until February 17. For more information, visit https://hackatechlille.inria.fr.

Here is the schedule of the event:

Hackatech Inria-innovation event

About Inria

Inria is a French research institute in digital science and technology. World-class research and technological innovation constitute its DNA. Its objective is to bring out and support scientific and entrepreneurial projects creating value for France in the European dynamic. Inria Startup Studio strengthens Inria’s contribution to the creation of startups.


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