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Chali Zhou : SKEMA Alumnus turned education trailblazer in China 

The manager of SKEMA Ventures in China, alumnus Chali Zhou (SKEMA MSc EI 2015), has successfully navigated the challenging international, political, and economic landscape. He has received strong support and recognition from education authorities for his noteworthy contributions to international education in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. 

VCLC, an ambitious challenge 

In the face of unprecedented regularization and marketization of private basic education in China in recent years, which has led to a crisis in the development of private schools, Chali Zhou, along with his wife Melinda, founded Vindu-Charlie Lakefield College (VCLC) in 2018. Remarkably, the college has experienced significant growth, even amidst the post-pandemic era. 


International recognition  

In mid-November, the 18th Jiangsu International Forum for School Principals, hosted by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education and the Xuzhou Municipal People’s Government, took place in Xuzhou. As the sole private school in Xuzhou, Mr. Chali Zhou represented VCLC at this prestigious event and signed strategic cooperation agreements with several esteemed schools in the United States and Canada.

The conference drew 300 participants, comprising representatives from educational administrative departments, educational organizations, and primary and secondary school principals from 10 countries worldwide, as well as regions such as Hong Kong and Macau. This marked the largest and most attended collaboration event in the history of the conference.


Chali’s VCLC : a promising future  

In an era when numerous private schools encountered restrictions and closures due to political and economic constraints and the aftermath of the pandemic, Chali’s VCLC not only survived but thrived. His success is not merely a result of astute market insights and strategic decision-making but also stems from his passion for entrepreneurship and unwavering belief. 

Chali’s entrepreneurial journey stands as both a personal achievement and an exemplary model for the SKEMA Ventures family, highlighting the exceptional quality of SKEMA education. His success story once again confirms the comprehensive support and guidance provided by SKEMA Ventures for entrepreneurs, highlighting significant business opportunities and potential in China. 

SKEMA Ventures

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