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Humbly Healthy: A plant-based food consulting service

Humbly Healthy (HH) is a plant-based food services startup based in Paris. It aims at helping luxury hotels, restaurants and consumers transition towards healthier and holistic (plant-based) food choices through recipe and menu development. HH makes eating healthy food delicious, accessible and fun and allows clients (and clients’ clients) to improve their health while optimizing their ecological footprint. The startup helps people and their businesses to embark on the path towards wellbeing. It also works with numerous brands around the world to promote healthy, more sustainable and less processed food items to consumers. Humbly Healthy offers culinary classes, wellness workshops, and nutritional coaching to those looking to adopt a healthier way of life.

Unique Value Proposition

HH specializes in plant-based, healthy and fulfilling recipes that are neither boring nor restrictive. It helps people avoid processed foods to achieve the optimum level of health. It also assists businesses to adapt to the growing demand for healthier, vegan, gluten-free, and food-intolerance friendly options. One of the company’s primary objectives is to help prevent illnesses and eating disorders.

The services provided by HH include:

  • Menu development for restaurants
  • Menu development for high-end luxury hotels and resorts
  • Menu development for magazines
  • Cooking ateliers at culinary schools, home, or rented kitchen labs
  • Nutrition and culinary workshops for companies, universities, and schools
  • Wellness and culinary workshops in luxury departmental stores
  • E-books on preparing a meal
  • Private chef and catering services

Humbly Healthy - Sarah Lea Safarian

Origin of the Project

Humbly Healthy started in September 2016 with the creation of humblyhealthy.org, a health, wellness, and culinary blog. This blog was created to empower readers to make better food choices, take better care of themselves and their bodies, and to help those looking to overcome an unhealthy relationship with food. With the success of the blog and the Instagram account @Humbly_Healthy, which grew from a mere 400 followers to over 15.2K, as well as collaboration opportunities with product brands, hotels, restaurants, and even supermarkets in Paris and outside France, Humbly Healthy evolved into a more sophisticated and professional plant-based food consulting company to cater to the growing demand for healthier options in places of businesses as well as leisure.


  • Financial guidance to optimize pricing and ensure that the accounting/paperwork is done right.
  • Video, design and photography partnerships for content creation.
  • Events organization/Kitchen space rental partnerships for culinary classes, catering, and workshops.
  • Strong network development: Hospitality, Restaurants, Culinary Schools and Gym partnerships in Paris and abroad.
  • Organic Produce partnerships with suppliers.

Contact Details

Website: www.humblyhealthy.org
Email: sarah.humblyhealthy@gmail.com
Contact number: +33-(0)-608551095

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