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Negotiation for entrepreneurs: Managing interpersonal relationships

While negotiating, people mostly focus on a pre-defined scenario to reach the expected output. However, the scenario seldom takes place as planned because the parties fail to understand what may or may not lead to this output. This requires four core capabilities in the management of interpersonal relationships: 1) Listening to each other’s emotions as signals, 2) Making others work to understand them, 3) Writing, and 4) Keeping control of the negotiation. This MOOC will enable entrepreneurs to hone their negotiation skills and better manage interpersonal relationships. It has been divided into four parts. The following videos explain and demonstrate the essential aspects.

Part 1: Listening to your feelings

This section focuses on why you should listen to your feelings. Prof. Chereau explains how people’s attitude, behavior, and body language reflects feelings and emotions. He talks about why one should listen to one’s feelings and why one should not control one’s emotions. He also explains how one can train oneself emotionally before a negotiation.

Part 2: Making others work

In this section, Prof. Chereau talks about how a negotiator can get relevant information and inputs from another person to facilitate his/her own argumentation. He explains why this is important and how one can benefit from it. He also mentions how it can be achieved.

Part 3: Writing

Prof. Chereau emphasizes the importance of “writing precisely” what a client says in this section. He illustrates a real-life example of notes written before a meeting and during the meeting and the type of questions that may have been asked during the discussion.

Part 4: Keeping control of the negotiation

What part does asking questions play during a negotiation? How can one address objections? What can a negotiator do to effectively address the various points that are brought up? How can one assess the level of satisfaction of a client? These are some of the issues that have been covered in this section.

Watch video: Part 3 and 4

Philippe Chereau

Philippe Chereau holds a Doctorate in Management Science from Aix-Marseille Université, a PhD in Management Science from SKEMA Business School, and a Master in Management from EDHEC Business School. He is an entrepreneur and associate professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at SKEMA Business School where he was also the scientific director of the MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation until August 2017. As a researcher, his work focuses on the strategic management of innovation and business models in innovative SMEs and startups. In the past, he has held directorial and managerial positions at different corporate companies and organizations.

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