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How user-led innovations are driving the development of products

Innovation is a concept that has been explored by various entrepreneurs and business experts. It is something every company seeks to achieve. Interestingly, in today’s connected world, innovations are emerging from various sources, with one of them being the users and customers themselves. According to a video published by ISPIM (the International Society for Professional Innovation Management), of late, the impetus of innovation has shifted from inside R&D and product development departments into the realms of individual users. It reveals that user frustration and input, aided by connected digital technologies, has driven advancements in the development of products and services. In the video, John Bessant, professor of innovation and entrepreneurship, University of Exter, says: “Users are closest to the problem that they want solved. They have a high incentive to innovate. They want the thing to work… They don’t care if it’s perfect… as long as it moves their journey towards solving their problem.”


It also features Dr. Tim Craft, Medical Director of Anaesthetic Medical Systems Limited, who explains how he created his own system for improving patient safety. Eventually, it moves on to answering a crucial question: How can organizations be structured to obtain those essential “light bulb moments”?


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