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Tripartie Pro: Secure online payments and transactions

Even though technology has advanced rapidly, many companies and individuals still face various problems while making online payments. SKEMA Business School alumnus Victorien De Doncker realized this and decided to do something about it. As a freelancer, Victorien faced many issues with regards to payments for his work and while making transactions online. Together with Christophe Boucrot and Andreas Lambropoulos, he decided to create Tripartie — an escrow payment platform that would enable secure remote transactions and safeguard freelance jobs and sales between individual consumers.

Tripartie mobile application

Often, while making a purchase online, the buyer and the seller arrange the payment and delivery themselves. However, a buyer may not agree to send a sum of money to a stranger, and the seller will not send the object without being assured of being paid. This is where Tripartie comes in. The buyer sends his payment to Tripartie and then the seller sends the object of the transaction. Upon its receipt, the buyer provides a verification and Tripartie pays the seller. In case of a dispute, the funds are blocked, and legal professionals intervene quickly.

The services provided by this ambitious startup are 3 to 5 times cheaper than other linking platforms.

Tripartie, which was accelerated within SKEMA Ventures, will soon be launching its ‘Tripartie Pro’ application.

For more details, visit https://tripartie.com.

Tripartie Team
Tripartie Team



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