Cultures en Ville-l'agriculture urbaine
Un alumni de SKEMA pionnier de l’agriculture urbaine en France

Cultures en Ville est une société de développement de l’agriculture urbaine disposant de références significatives et un partenariat avec l’INRA. Grâce à Clément Lebellé (SKEMA Alumni FMI 2015), et son équipe, il est désormais possible de cultiver en plein centre de Paris.

Startup Kafe at the Lille campus
Startup Kafe held simultaneously in Lille, Paris, Sophia and Raleigh

Entrepreneurship is an integral part of SKEMA Business School’s DNA. This was proved on January 29 at the Startup Kafé, an event conducted by SKEMA Ventures at which students can pitch their business ideas in a friendly, conducive environment. It took place simultaneously at SKEMA’s Paris, Sophia Antipolis and Lille campuses and the Raleigh (USA) campus, and was attended by more than 180 students.

SKEMA Ventures Raleigh meeting
SKEMA Ventures Raleigh: Kickoff meeting charts 2019 action plan

SKEMA Ventures Raleigh recently held the kickoff meeting to discuss the plan of action at SKEMA’s Raleigh, USA, campus. At the meeting, plans for the spring semester were discussed, including conducting the Startup Kafe on January 29 and the BootCamp between April 16 and 18.

Bieropolis unboxing
Bieropolis: SKEMA Ventures’ startup of the month

SKEMA alumni Cédric Allin and Thibaut Desseignes’ Bieropolis, the innovative e-commerce company that delivers the best selection of craft beers, recently received the 2018 Young Company Award at the Entreprenariales contest organized by UPE06 and University Côte d’Azur. Read for details.

SKEMA Ventures Startup Kafe Suzhou
Latest updates from SKEMA Business School’s campus in China

Dushu Lake Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project Road Show, an event which provides student-entrepreneurs a platform to pitch their business ideas, successfully concluded on December 3. Students from SKEMA Business School gave an excellent performance at the competition. Read for details.

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