Nicolas Servel - MOOC
MOOC: How to increase your chances of success, thanks to investors

Irrespective of their type, all investors prefer to see the same elements to get a certain level of comfort before investing in an early-stage startup. In this MOOC, Nicolas Servel explains the different types of financing options available to entrepreneurs and how they can attract the right investors.

SKEMA Social Ventures Awards - 2020
SKEMA Social Ventures Awards: Participate and make a difference

To assist the social startups of the SKEMA Business School community, SKEMA Ventures is launching the SKEMA Social Ventures Awards contest. Startups that have been incubated in SKEMA Ventures are invited to apply before July 24 to be eligible for a chance to win. Read this article for details.

Trois questions à Epopey, incubé à la Venture Factory

Epopey, une jeune start-up sportive fondée par deux diplômés de SKEMA, mène une initiative intéressante pour soutenir les bars et restaurants sportifs impactés par COVID-19. En collaboration avec l’initiative solidaire de Sauver Mon Bar, les fondateurs ont conçu des maillots spéciaux et reversent 100% des bénéfices au bar choisi par l’acheteur. Lisez cette interview pour plus de détails.

Bootcamp workshop 2020
Bootcamp 2020: SKEMA entrepreneurs strengthen their startup projects

To help SKEMA’s student-entrepreneurs launch/strengthen their startup project, SKEMA Ventures organised a three-day Bootcamp online workshop from May 11 to 13. Twelve projects were selected from 150 incubated projects and given special training. Read the article for details.

Pedro Peixoto-SKEMA Ventures
Fill the experience gap by bringing veterans onboard: Pedro Peixoto

SKEMA alumnus Pedro Peixoto, a co-founder of 10b Gestora de Recursos, is working hard to empower livestock farmers in Brazil by helping them scale up their technologies and produce via a more sustainable way without giving up margins. In this insightful article, he recounts his entrepreneurial journey.

ONE team- Hospitalité Augmentée platform
ONE : 1ère solution d’Hospitalité Augmentée

Aujourd’hui, nous ne pouvons plus continuer à considérer l’amélioration de l’expérience client dans le secteur hôtelier sans considérer le bien-être et le développement des salariés. C’est ce que ONE résout aujourd’hui. Lisez cet article pour en savoir plus sur ce projet innovant.

Bootstrap Suzhou workshop-SKEMA Ventures
Bootstrap Suzhou: Students boost their business projects with hybrid coaching

To boost the entrepreneurial projects of SKEMA students in Suzhou, SKEMA Ventures organized the Bootstrap workshop from April 20 to 23. The five student-entrepreneurs who attended the workshop were able to strengthen their business plan and gain inspiration from the testimonial of successful alumni entrepreneurs. Read the article for details.

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