Business Immobilier Finance Festival
Business Immobilier Finance Festival: Win money, build your network

Are you interested in business, real estate, finance and entrepreneurship? Greenbull Group is conducting the Business Immobilier Finance Festival on June 8 and 9 at Acropolis de Nice. It will bring together private investors and entrepreneurs, and enable participants to learn, identify opportunities, and build a network.

Startup legal toolbox - SKEMA Ventures-banner
SKEMA Ventures Startup Legal Tool Box

Cette legal tool box a été imaginée et réalisée sous la direction de Diane de Saint-Affrique avec l’aide d’étudiants du Master de droit des Contrats d’affaires pour permettre aux entrepreneurs d’obtenir une réponse pratique et pertinente aux premières questions juridiques qui se posent à eux avant, pendant et après la création de leur société.

SKEMA Ventures Startup Kafe in China
A plethora of innovative startup ideas emerge at the Startup Kafe in China

The new edition of SKEMA Ventures Startup Kafe event was held recently at SKEMA’s Suzhou campus in China. The enthusiastic student-entrepreneurs presented a wide range of innovative ideas! The event also marked the launch of the entrepreneurship and innovation shared course for the Spring 2019 session. Read this article for details.

Lauriane Despaux-Melobowls-skema ventures
Melobowls: The chronicle of a success story

SKEMA alumna Lauriane Despaux, the co-founder of Melobowls, writes about her entrepreneurial adventure and the journey that led her to establish the innovative restaurant in Bordeaux.

Challenges Jeune Pousse-SKEMA Ventures
Two SKEMA projects win Challenge Jeune Pousse

For the first time in 17 years, two projects were declared the joint winners of Challenge Jeune Pousse on March 22. Both the winners… were projects of SKEMA students! Read for details.

SKEMA alumna Marie Prevot's interview
How a SKEMA alumna started a graphics design company in China

Marie Prevot, a SKEMA alumna, currently manages CoreCreation, a graphic design company for entrepreneurs and small businesses based in China. In this interview, she talks about how she started her company, how SKEMA Ventures helped her connect to the entrepreneurship ecosystem in China, and more.

SKEMA Ventures Bootstrap event
Bootstrap Raleigh: Take your entrepreneurial idea to the next level

Do you have an innovative entrepreneurial idea and are working on bringing it to life? To help you with this, SKEMA Ventures is conducting its Bootstrap workshop from April 16 to 18 at the Raleigh campus in partnership with HQ Raleigh. Read for details.

SKEMA Ventures Bootcamp
Bootcamp SKEMA Ventures 2019: Fast track your startup’s progress

Ahoy, entrepreneurs! If you are looking to strengthen your entrepreneurial venture, SKEMA Ventures is bringing to you the perfect opportunity: the exclusive three-day Bootcamp! It is an intensive event that trains the participants in the process of formulating the framework of their startup, fine-tuning the business plan, and attracting outside investors. Register today!

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