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‘Before you start, take out time to think about the WHY of your project’

  • March 23, 2018
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Maxime Parra

Success story

First name: Maxime

Last name: Parra

Graduation year: 2015

Master / Program specialization: International Financial Analysis

Company name: New Trading

Position: Founder

Location of business: Brasilia – Brazil

Website: www.newtrading.fr

Quote: At the origin of New Trading, there is my experience as President of SKEMA Finance student association. It gave me the taste for entrepreneurship and developing new approaches to give meaning to Finance.”

During my gap year, SKEMA Business School offered me the opportunity to completely devote myself to my entrepreneurial venture. In July 2013, I filed the statutes of my company New Trading, and, in September, we hosted our first conference.

If one does not look critically at the beautiful stories published in the media about various entrepreneurial ventures, it almost seems like business creation is a smooth process. The reality is quite different. Behind all entrepreneurial “success” lies a chaotic path, endless hours of work and many moments of doubt. To find the energy to meet all these challenges, it is essential to be driven by a mission that gives meaning to the difficulties one encounters. Before you start, take out time to think about the “why” of your project. For New Trading, it has been four years of developments devoted to giving more meaning to Finance. This message has attracted more and more financial companies that commit to our side to developing training indexed in our educational media: NewTrading.fr

SKEMA Ventures

SKEMA Ventures is a business unit created by SKEMA Business School dedicated to impact entrepreneurship and innovation. Through a unique value chain, that encompasses teaching, coaching, incubation, and acceleration, SKEMA Ventures allows each SKEMA student and alumni to think, design, test and launch an impactful entrepreneurial project in a global context, on six innovative territories on four continents, benefiting from the best of each local ecosystem. With SKEMA Ventures, GloCal impact entrepreneurship is born! Watch this video to know more

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