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The art of the Pitch for Entrepreneurs

In entrepreneurship, The Pitch is not merely a presentation; it is an art.

Dr. Philippe Chereau, a Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at SKEMA Business School, and Director SKEMA Advisory, unveils the secrets of persuasion in this exercise.

Discover Philippe Chereau’s valuable insights into the essential art of pitching for entrepreneurs, and apply to present your entrepreneurial project at the upcoming Startup Kafé organized by SKEMA Ventures on February 5th across SKEMA Business School campuses in Paris, Lille, and Sophia Antipolis.

Rules of the game and best practices by Philippe CHEREAU

“So much has been said and published about pitching. Let’s try to make a long story short. The pitch of a project is, to some extent, the verbal version of the executive summary of the business plan.

It is a synthetic description of the product/market domain(s) of the business, the value proposition to clients, the associated revenue model, some proofs of concept (tests, agreements, …), the planned growth options, and the funding needs.

Depending on the maturity of the project itself, some dimensions may not appear in the pitch of the entrepreneur. But whatever the scope of the pitch, it must be seen as a promotional tool to attract talents, investors, clients, partners, and all the stakeholders that may be involved in the project ecosystem.

Let’s take the example of a startup involved in the development of a medical device dedicated to address the issue of sudden infant death, a very serious one.”

By Dr. Philippe CHEREAU, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Director SKEMA Advisory

Practical Example of Pitching an Entrepreneurial Project

1. Tell who you are (first name, family, name, position in the firm).

1.1. If you wish, you can “hook” the audience with the problem you address, but only if your “hook” makes a difference and really draws the attention of the audience.

2. Explain the problem/need you solve, who faces it, what is the size/growth of the market…

3. Tell what your company (or your team) does in a few words.

4. Name and describe the product/service/solution you (will) sell.

5. Explain what differentiates you from existing offerings.

6. Indicate the major characteristics of your go-to-market strategy and your revenue model.

7. Tell if you have already achieved some proofs of success.

8. End your pitch by telling what the status of the project is and what you expect at this very moment (technical partner, money for your development, an appointment, access to potential testers,  etc…)

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