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STARTUP KAFE Raleigh: Converging entrepreneurship in the region

Was it the stimulating atmosphere of HQ Raleigh incubator-accelerator, a partner of SKEMA Ventures, or was it the testimonies of SKEMA alumni who have become successful entrepreneurs, or the prospect of developing an entrepreneurial idea and launching it while studying at SKEMA Business School or after graduating?

STARTUP KAFE Raleigh, held on October 23 at HQ Raleigh, was a tremendous success! More than 50 participants attended the event and 11 student-entrepreneurs pitched their entrepreneurial ideas in two minutes. The diversity of projects reflected the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit at SKEMA Business School. The student-entrepreneurs presented innovations ranging from safety in aircraft to creation of a startup of startups, a next-generation digital marketing agency, and the possibility of designing personalized medical devices through a smartphone.

Startup Kafe Raleigh-SKEMA Ventures

Stimulated by SKEMA entrepreneurs, other incubees from HQ Raleigh also joined the event to present their projects. SKEMA Ventures became the point of convergence of entrepreneurship in Raleigh. The event was graced by the presence of Derrick Minor, Director of Innovation for the city of Raleigh, Greg Hopper, founder of Strategic Edge, and Kate Cooley, founder of Wotter, as well as students from the HQ Raleigh Accelerator Program. A special thanks to Jessica Porta, manager of HQ Raleigh, and her team, who, as usual, made HQ a unique environment for entrepreneurs.

The exchanges between students and other entrepreneurs were particularly fertile and helped to enrich all the projects that were presented. Mitch Weisberg, Manager of The Venture Factory at SKEMA’s Raleigh campus, and Philippe Chereau, Director of SKEMA Ventures, wrapped up this first STARTUP KAFE of the academic year in North Carolina. They expressed their pride in the quality of projects presented by SKEMA’s student-entrepreneurs and their enthusiasm to support them within The Venture Factory.

More pictures from the event:

SKEMA Ventures

SKEMA Ventures is a business unit created by SKEMA Business School dedicated to impact entrepreneurship and innovation. Through a unique value chain, that encompasses teaching, coaching, incubation, and acceleration, SKEMA Ventures allows each SKEMA student and alumni to think, design, test and launch an impactful entrepreneurial project in a global context, on six innovative territories on four continents, benefiting from the best of each local ecosystem. With SKEMA Ventures, GloCal impact entrepreneurship is born! Watch this video to know more

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