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Essential freemium tools to launch and grow your startup

Launching a startup company can be complex considering the diversity of managerial, financial and commercial issues to address. There are several logistics that need to be taken care of, such as creating a website, designing promotional content like brochures and banners, choosing the right project management and sales tools, and so on. In today’s world, which is heavily dependent on technology, having a solid digital marketing strategy is essential, too.

However, all these services can prove to be expensive; especially for a startup which has a limited budget. If you’re looking for some tools that would enable you to complete all these tasks without breaking the bank, Maxime Blondel, founder of AnimationEvenement.com, has just what you need. After monitoring various entrepreneurship blogs, meeting accelerators/incubators, and discussions with experts, over a period of seven years, the young entrepreneur has compiled a list of essential tools that can help you create a minimum viable product.

Essential freemium tools to launch and grow your startup

Most of the websites and resources listed by Maxime are free or freemium and easily accessible. He has divided them into different categories such as Beauty Tools (design, photos, videos…), E-Commerce Website Tools, Social Media Tools (content, reach, automation…), Project Management Tools (communicate, brainstorm, organize…), Analytics, Customer Data and Behavior Tools, and so on. The list is updated from time-to-time.

To access Maxime’s blog, click here.

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