Lauriane Despaux-Melobowls-skema ventures
Melobowls: The chronicle of a success story

SKEMA alumna Lauriane Despaux, the co-founder of Melobowls, writes about her entrepreneurial adventure and the journey that led her to establish the innovative restaurant in Bordeaux.

SKEMA alumna Marie Prevot's interview
How a SKEMA alumna started a graphics design company in China

Marie Prevot, a SKEMA alumna, currently manages CoreCreation, a graphic design company for entrepreneurs and small businesses based in China. In this interview, she talks about how she started her company, how SKEMA Ventures helped her connect to the entrepreneurship ecosystem in China, and more.

Massive increase in investment for young startups in Europe

Investments in early-stage startups have more than quadrupled between the first semester of 2015 and the first six months of 2018, according to a report by developed in partnership with Stripe and Techstars. Read for details.

Strategy-business model
Performance implication of the strategy-business model fit

A recently-published research paper written by Dr. Philippe Chereau, associate professor at SKEMA Business School/SKEMA Ventures director, highlights how misaligning strategy and business model choices may significantly affect firms’ performance. The paper also suggests ideal strategy-business model combinations. Read for details.

Essential freemium tools to launch and grow your startup
Essential freemium tools to launch and grow your startup

Launching a startup company can be a complex process. Also, today’s competitive market requires having a solid digital marketing strategy. Read this article to find out how you can access cost-effective tools and take care of some important aspects.

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