NC State Lulu eGames startup competition
Lulu eGames 2019: NC State University’s startup competition

Lulu eGames, NC State University’s annual startup competition, is set to take place on April 3 with cash prizes of $100,000 up for grabs. The competition is open to student entrepreneurs. To register, visit

Workshop on negotiation for entrepreneurs
Workshop on negotiation for entrepreneurs

This workshop will be dedicated to exploring negotiation techniques, implementation of the most recent and simple techniques, accompanied by practical exercises. The audience is limited to 80 participants. 25 students have registered already. To register, visit Location: Room D107, SKEMA Business School, Lille Date: Monday, February 11 Time: 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

SKEMA Alumni Montreal Club
SKEMA Alumni Montreal Club: Fuel your entrepreneurial spirit

On 6 February, the Montreal club of SKEMA Alumni will be holding its “Fuel your entrepreneurial spirit” event, where five alumni will share their inspiring stories. For details, visit

Innovation workshop: Emotional adaptation model
SKEMA Innovation and Knowledge Cycle workshop

SKEMA’s Innovation and Knowledge Cycle is presenting at its next workshop an ’emotional adaptation model’ to help participants effectively handle the increasing rate of disruptive innovations in the digital sector. For details, visit

SKEMA Ventures Startup Kafe 2019
Startup Kafe 2019

Startup Kafe, the stimulating entrepreneurial Happy Hour conducted by SKEMA Ventures, is back! If you were not able to participate in the previous event last October, worry not. Make sure you register ASAP this time to ensure that you do not miss the opportunity to pitch your innovative entrepreneurial idea. For details, visit

UPComingVC Venture Capital Investment Challenge
UPComingVC: Venture Capital Investment Challenge

UPComingVC, a startup and venture capital education platform, is conducting the third edition of its Venture Capital Investment Challenge on January 28, 2019, at Station F in Paris. The SKEMA-supported challenge aims at training SaaS and consumer goods startups to understand how to raise funds. Details at:

International Cybersecurity Forum
After FIC: International Cybersecurity Forum

On January 24, EuraTechnologies is organizing an event from 9am to 5pm at its campus to facilitate a discussion on cybersecurity and its crucial aspects. For details and to register, visit

To pivot or not: the dilemma faced by startups
To pivot or not: the dilemma faced by startups

The pivot, a radical change in strategic positioning and/or business model, has become a reference and buzzword in the startup universe. To help entrepreneurs and startups better understand its causes and the stakes, SKEMA has organised a conference in Lille on January 18. To register, visit

Petit Poucet competition
Petit Poucet 2019 registration deadline

Petit Poucet, a community of successful business leaders, is conducting a competition to reward the best entrepreneurial initiatives by students and recent graduates. Details at:

Programme d’accélération UPGRADE

A l’occasion du lancement du programme d’accélération UPGRADE, profitez d’une soirée sur la thématique : Reinventer Votre Entreprise. Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant ici :

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