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Never Let Go

Geraldine LeMeur

Success story

First name: Geraldine

Last name: LeMeur

Graduation year: 1995

Master / Program specialization: Marketing

Company name: The Refiners

Position: Co-Founder and General Partner

Location of business: San Francisco

Website: www.therefiners.co

Quote: My courses at SKEMA gave me the opportunity to learn a portfolio of global and fundamental skills which were instrumental when I decided to create my first company.

I’m an entrepreneur who has been living in San Francisco for more than 10 years now. Over the past 20 years, I co-founded LeWeb and several successful tech companies. My latest “baby” is The Refiners, which we launched in 2016.

The Refiners is a San Francisco-based seed fund program devoted to helping startups from other countries thrive in the bountiful yet complicated environment of the Silicon Valley.

Our goal is to equip entrepreneurs with the tools they need to expand their startup’s vision and scale globally.

As an angel investor, I have invested in companies such as LinkedIn, Lending Club and Evernote. I’m also LP in several funds.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, my best advice would be: Never let go, try, iterate and try again. At one point, you will definitely make it right!


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