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What Makes the Silicon Valley a Global Innovation Powerhouse

Every organization strives to promote a culture of innovation at its workplace. Silicon Valley, which is almost synonymous with innovation, has achieved this feat with panache. Many other regions and countries have tried to replicate the Valley’s formula, but have failed. An inherently innovative environment, the impressive culture of networking and forming connections, and several other factors, give birth to disruptive innovation which draws entrepreneurs and established companies to set up shop there. But what is it that sets the Valley apart? What’s the ‘formula’ behind its success? This article explores this in detail and reveals five strategies for leading a culture of innovation. Click here to read more.

Oslo Manual: Guidelines for collecting and interpreting innovation data

Figuring out how to measure innovation is something that nations, as well as businesses, have been grappling with. Policymakers are struggling to come up with appropriate tools of analysis in this rapidly changing landscape of innovation. This manual aims at helping readers boost their understanding of innovation activities and their economic impact. It includes topics such as basic definitions, linkages in the innovation process, measuring innovation activities, objectives, obstacles and outcomes of innovation, etc. Click here to read more.

Dissecting Disruptive Innovation

The disruption theory is a powerful tool that facilitates innovation-driven growth. Many entrepreneurs use it as a guide for their success. However, unfortunately, widespread misunderstanding of the theory’s concepts and frequent misapplication of its basic tenets have led to people criticizing it. Many-a-times, people describe disrupting innovation as a situation in which “an industry is shaken up and previously successful incumbents stumble.” This article debunks misunderstandings about the concept and helps readers explore the basic tenets of disruptive innovation, common pitfalls and how to avoid them, and using the right tools for increasing the chances of success. Click here to read more.

SKEMA Ventures

SKEMA Ventures is a business unit created by SKEMA Business School dedicated to impact entrepreneurship and innovation. Through a unique value chain, that encompasses teaching, coaching, incubation, and acceleration, SKEMA Ventures allows each SKEMA student and alumni to think, design, test and launch an impactful entrepreneurial project in a global context, on six innovative territories on four continents, benefiting from the best of each local ecosystem. With SKEMA Ventures, GloCal impact entrepreneurship is born! Watch this video to know more

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